Sell your current home after you've moved into your new one.

Move into your new home now, and sell your current home with peace of mind.
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Builder Certainty

We give home builders certainty of your home sale, making you a non-contingent buyer.

Expert Professionals

Our Gapital Pros and partner real estate are experts at working with builders, making the process seamless.

Ultimate Flexibility

Stay in your current home until your new home is complete and ready for you to move in.

How does it work?

The Buy Before You Sell Program happens in 3 steps.

1. Unlock equity from your home with ease. We will evaluate your property for the program and let you know you know how much of your equity you can unlock for the purchase of your new home.

2. Buy your dream home with confidence. Make a strong offer on your new home without a home sale contingency — and avoid moving twice.

3. Sell your current home with peace of mind. We'll list your home vacant on the market to attract the strongest offer possible.

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Transparency is our strategy.

A quote from Gapital is one you can trust. We'll show you side by side rates and programs, so your comparison is easy to understand. 

Our pros also factor in all closing costs, so there are no surprises, and you can trust the number when comparing them to others on the market.
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