Our Focus

At Gapital, we're all about keeping things human. We're here to make buying real estate a breeze and help folks grow their wealth through ownership.

A Family Company

As top producers in the industry, focused solely on service and experience, Tacy Nichols (NMLS 353152) and Cody Stevens (NMLS 1108552) saw a massive disconnect between the mortgage model and what's best for the customer. With that, the mother-son team went to the drawing board, and, in 2015, they left one of the top lenders in the country to start Gapital.

By building an environment that promotes knowledge, creativity, and vision, Gapital has one sole mission: to simplify the mortgage process and help people build wealth through real estate.

Cody Stevens

President, CEO
NMLS 1108552

Tacy Nichols


NMLS 353152

We earn when you save.

As a mortgage broker, Gapital earns its money by aligning with what's best for you. In fact, our entire company is built around serving you in the best way possible, pairing phenomenal rates and fees with a 5-star experience. We're not limited by the rates our company sets or the products it offers. We search hundreds of loan products and numerous mortgage lenders to find the best program and interest rate that serves your needs.

We do the heavy lifting.

We're a single source for your mortgage needs, searching thousands of products to find what fits you best.

We shop your rate for you.

As one of the top brokers in the country, we have phenomenal relationships with lenders, and we pass those benefits on to you with lower rates and fees.

Gapital Guarantee

We have one focus: to shop the best mortgage rates and products on the market for you and put you in the best financial position possible for your goals.

See the source image Powering the American dream.                 

We believe the American dream is alive and well. Owning dirt is one of the most important goals on Earth, and we're blessed to live in a place where that's possible. That's why we are incredibly passionate about empowering homeownership through value-driven financing, designed to put you in the best financial position possible and accomplish your dreams.

Our Core Values

Be direct with respect.
​Candid Communication

Clear and direct communication is the key to all successful relationships. We respect others at the most genuine level, listening to and acknowledging what they’re saying and speaking candidly, giving honest, well-intentioned feedback. When we disagree, we professionally challenge decisions, even when it’s uncomfortable, leaving assumptions and grudges in the dust.

Tunnel Vision
Results Driven

Through creative and critical thinking, we focus on making decisions that lead us to our ultimate outcomes in the most efficient and effective manner. Even in times of uncertainty, we utilize our logical, data-driven resources to make empowered decisions and complete the mission. Our inspiration is internally driven, taking full ownership to complete the task. We prioritize long-term goals over present-moment distractions or immediate gratification. When we’re faced with issues, we get to the core and always aim to solve them in perpetuity.

Nothin' but Excellence
Exceptional Standards

How we do the small things is how we do the big things. We focus on being impeccable in our habits and workflows. We recognize that to accomplish our long-term goals, we must continually improve, making growth our priority. Just like a muscle, we possess an ever-growing capacity to be stronger with repetition and nourishment. Through education and practice, we constantly improve and raise the bar. We take complete ownership of the ultimate outcome, never assuming “it’s not my job.” We go the extra mile, putting our team in the best position to win and letting our results speak for our actions.

Slow feet don’t eat.

We always strive to be two steps ahead by anticipating changes in the market—innovating, adapting, learning, and preparing to thrive in any environment. When challenges show up or the unpredictable happens, we confidently respond with intelligent speed and data. We are quick on our feet, learn from our mistakes, and overcome adversity with optimism, always finding creative solutions to succeed. 

Make it fun; get more done.

Our passion inspires others and we have a blast at work! We record the bloopers, smile and laugh at ourselves, and celebrate the small wins together. Moving toward the same destination, we enjoy the journey, having fun and playing a few games along the way. We embrace hard work, lift each other up when necessary, and always remember that in the long run, accomplishing substantial goals with awesome people is what it’s all about.

Guts to Greatness

When faced with challenging situations, we dig deeper. We take the tough steps even when we’re tired. We trust ourselves and our training, and we power through adversity when necessary. We believe all obstacles can be overcome and all objectives can be accomplished with perseverance and commitment.

You + G. = We
Relationship Focused

Our people are our greatest asset; our service is our sharpest tool. We prioritize long-term relationships over isolated transactions and cultivate trust through every interaction. With a personalized approach and altruistic mindset, we serve authentically and transparently with no strings attached, exploring ways to add value to our customers, partners, and peers.


We lead with a human-to-human (H2H) approach, seizing every opportunity to create genuine connections. We seek to understand others’ viewpoints by putting ourselves in their shoes, even when we don’t agree. We’re quick to listen and slow to speak, finding appreciation for varied perspectives which help us learn, grow, and strengthen relationships.

One team. One dream.

Our strength is in our unity, and we win together. We have one True North, focusing our efforts on our objectives. We believe in ourselves and our team, have each others’ backs, and step up to help in difficult situations. Through teamwork and open communication, we collaborate across all fronts to achieve the goals that move us toward our shared vision.

Carry your shield.

We mean what we say and stick to our words. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of communication with our clients, partners, and team. We provide updates quickly and proactively related to progress or changes that may impact timing or expectations. We find success paths, even when it doesn’t seem likely, and maintain a reputation for getting things done. We are an example in the industry of what it means to be a consistent, accomplished company.

Close the gap.
Strategic Growth

Our ever-expanding vision pushes us out of our comfort zone, creating a gap between where we are now and where we want to be. We are driven by growth, continually improving our competencies and closing gaps as they arise. We recruit, empower, and retain a winning, results-driven company culture. We handle uncertainty with ease, making decisions that are aligned with the company’s vision and priority outcomes. 

Be the dash.
Intentional Impact

The time between now and the future is defined by what we do and how we live in between. The dash that separates those two dates represents a compilation of our intentional collective efforts. We believe every day is a chance to do something great and to make a positive impact on the world around us. We are externally-focused, serving our communities in a variety of ways. We are driven by our purpose to do what’s right and be a positive voice in the world. We understand the contribution we make is not only important, it’s necessary, and we hold ourselves accountable to lead by example.

Become part of the family.

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