Frequently Asked Questions About the Gapital Guarantee

01/24/2022 01:43 PM By Cody Stevens

What is the Gapital Guarantee?

We will shop the best mortgage rates on the market for you and put you in the absolute best financial position possible for your goals. 

Is there fine print?

Because our guarantee is based on professional opinion, Gapital Mortgage reserves the right to rescind or modify the terms of this guarantee without prior notice.

How does Gapital consistently beat its competitors?

We're not like any other mortgage company — plain and simple.

We're not just dedicated to our process to make it easy on you. We know that having a great process, great technology and amazing people allows us to utilize every saved dollar to give you a better price on your mortgage.

What is a Loan Estimate?

This three-page form provides you with important information, including the estimated interest rate, monthly mortgage payment, and closing costs of your mortgage loan. It's a standard form that all lenders are required by law to provide you within three business days of submitting your application.

A Loan Estimate is important for comparing pricing across mortgage lenders, and because this document commits a lender to certain fee tolerances, it reduces the risk of a bait-and-switch offer.