Frequently Asked Questions About Loan Servicing

01/24/2022 01:12 PM By Cody Stevens

Gapital does not service loans. We are mortgage brokers who broker the loan to a lender. Depending on the lender we use to fund your loan, they may service the loan for a short period of time or sell the loan immediately.

After that, they will transfer your loan to a permanent servicer. We have a large roster of reputable lenders who sell to mortgage investors, including government-sponsored entities, publicly-traded mortgage companies, and specialized servicing firms.

How do I make my first payment?

After your loan closes, you will receive instructions by email and in writing on where to direct your first payment. In some cases, your first payment will be made to the lender. In others, your mortgage loan may be transferred quickly enough that your first payment will be to the permanent servicer.

Official notification of your loan transfer and new payment instructions will come via U.S. mail and should arrive no fewer than 10 calendar days before your payment is due to your permanent servicer.

Will Gapital help me if there are concerns with my transfer?

Yes, of course. Email info@gapital. We will get in touch with the permanent servicer and resolve the issue on your behalf.